Learn Japanese Phrases – 3 Survival Phrases You Must Know Before Visiting Japan


Every culture and language has some set phrases which are a daily part of the lives of those living in those communities. Japanese is also a language which you can learn conveniently from various books and software but there are some survival Japanese phrases which are commonly used in communication but may be absent in learning books. Such phrases can only be learned from those who live in Japan or interact closely with Japanese friends and know the language inside out.

In this article I will explain some extremely significant survival Japanese. These useful Japanese phrases are supposed to be used in particular situations only and no other substitute can be used to express the same meaning. So here are some of the most important Japanese phrases which you must know before visiting 「The Land of the Rising Sun」 and coming in contact with Japanese people:-

The first and the most important expression is 「Ita-da-kima-su」. This phrase is used before starting to eat. It is an expression meaning 「Let』s start eating」. The expression is not a sort of prayer to say before eating the food but it is a kind of thankful phrase used as an appreciation to the host for the lovely meal that they have cooked for you.

After finishing a meal as a guest at a Japanese home, you must not forget to convey your gratitude by saying, 「Gochi-so-sama-de-shita」. It is a ritual Japanese phrase which is used at the end of the meal to thank your hosts for cooking such a wonderful and tasty food for you.

The third and the most important survival Japanese phrase is 「Yoro-shiku one-gai ita-shi-masu」, which is a blended part of Japanese society. Although it is quite tough to explain in words but primarily it means 「Please help me」 or 「Please take care of it for me」. It is a very formal expression and is usually accompanied by a bow.

You must keep these important survival Japanese phrases in your mind or even take a note in your pocket diary while taking a trip to Japan. They will make your life easier and you will have a more better interaction with your friends while travelling Japan.


Source by Emily Kato

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